My frnd ask me “Guy where u dey?” I tell am say i dey Bank, ND he ask me “Wat is happening there?” I said Nah new yam festival.. *LMAO*

My neighbour sees me opening the gates to drive out and asks me, U dey comot? I said Not at all… I be the new gateman…

U see me dey chop indomitable come dey ask me, Guy Na indomie u dey chop so? I said
No ohhhh… Na fried rubber band mixed with thread.

We went to a restaurant to eat, nd d waiter ask us? can i get u a table, i reply ,No we ar here to eat on d floor.

As I dey write this thing, I con laugh out loud.. my mum con ask me whether na laugh be that ?? I tell her say no… Mama,, I dey practice craze.

As it stands now, abeg i need to ask u one question, no vex abeg.
Shey na WhatsApp be this????
feel free to add urs and let’s av more fun…..