Here’s why he won’t change after you marry him

That line is tired. It is exhausted of being used over and over by ladies who have fallen in love silly for the wrong kind of guy. Of course they may or may not know he’s not such a great guy but they use that line as an excuse for his behaviour.

He may be that folk who never is satisfied with one lady, may have attitudinal issues or has bad hygiene habits, but she says hewill change. Please when next you see a babe like that, tell them:

You are wrong. The motivation for a man to change is rarely his woman, or his love for her. Either of those are temporary. If he would change it is for his own benefit,the need to be a better man for himself which is a far more stronger motivation. Other reasons are superficial, are secondary, to this one.

He won’t change after marriage because he has you ‘caged’ now. He may have promised to do so before marriage or he actually started to conform to the desirable idea of what you wanted but trust me, he’ll show his true colours when he weds you. If he had been a wolf all along, you’ll know the next morning and if he had been the knight you wanted, you’ll also find out after. But you can always tell from the beginning.

You would have started to see the signs, with your gut screaming it out loud at you (don’t marry him!!!), your friends would telling you, except you purposefully decide to ditch it all and ignore. May you not be amazed by the different man your husband becomes after sharing your vows at the altar.

If he said it to get you, he won’t do it to keep you.

The truth of the matter is that if he is not willing to change whilst you’re dating him, or if he keeps making vague promises about changing, you better dump his sorry assso as not for you to start to tell sorry tales by moonlight whenthings fall a part in marriage. Make sure everything (weaknesses, differences, disagreements etc) is sorted out during courtship and dating, each and together working at becoming better and making something great out of your romantic adventure.

I wish you the best as you love up