I’m always one for liberation and free spirit living, and for some, that’s what piercings do for them. However, some decisions have to be thoroughly thought through before jumping into it to avoid regrets.

Obviously, body piercing is no more an uncommon, never-heard-of trend among people. It gives you a sense of freedom, because you can possibly do whatever you want with your body. It could be nose piercing, ear piercing or even tongue and lip piercing. There are a vast number of body piercing types. So it’s your choice as to which part of your body you want to get pierced. Your body piercing shows your distinct essence of living.

But do you realize the risks that come with body piercing? It can give you plenty of skin problems if the technician or the one who pierces you commits a mistake. So be sure that you are well read and informed about all the below mentioned safety precautions that you must take before piercing your body.

Firstly, gather information about the technician who will be performing the body piercing. Do they have the right qualifications and are they certified by the board? If they are into this profession for a significant amount of time, then that denotes that the person is well experienced and good enough to perform the task. You must find out for how long have they been doing body piercing and also whether they have received some certificates denoting the same.

The second most important thing when you go for body piercing is that the whole process should be very hygienic. There should be no lapse on the technician’s part for providing you with the standard and safe method. For this, they must use stainless steel sterile needles of surgical quality. They should also wear gloves during the whole process and take the necessary step of changing their gloves at each new level of the piercing procedure. You should never be hesitant to ask them whether they are taking these safety measures. This is because if they don’t, you could have an infection or any other disease from a reused needle.

The fact that you plan to do body piercing means that you don’t mind the pain. Yet you should ask about the healing time that it will take as some parts of the body, like the navel, take more time to heal than others.

The last bit of information that you require to know is the type of piercing jewelry that you should wear. You should always pick out jewelry which won’t cause any sort of allergies. Metals like stainless steel and titanium are known to be safe and mostly non-allergic.

Kindly understand that I’m not here to discourage you from getting a piercing. I’m just saying, weigh the pros and cons before going ahead to do it.

Having said that, what’s your take on piercings? Yay or Nay?