I did not think I was the type to be particularly tripped by a bouquet of fresh flowers, but then that was because I was not so used to them and I did not get the chance to properly explore their uses. I came across some very nice flowers once and that changed my whole view. They were so lovely that I wanted to uproot them and transplant them in my own compound, and that singular experience got me interested in flowers.

It is common to see flower beds and pots around the home: in the compound, veranda, sitting area and even the bedroom. Whether it is outdoor or indoor, flowers in the home do more than just smell nice and look good, they are also have wonderful health benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having flowers in your home:

Flowers are mood boosters! Especially freshly cut ones with bright colors, they have the potential to instantly improve your mood.

Flowers can add color to your home. Instead of regular boring decors, play around with nice flowers.

Fresh flowers can refresh memories of your childhood, a vacation, or even your wedding day. Because flowers have smell, they are capable of triggering instant memories especially of places and events.


Fresh flowers improve your happiness while decreasing negative energy in the room. Living/working around flowers also provides energy boost and enthusiasm at work.

Fresh flowers have been shown to stimulate creativity. So, adding fresh flowers in your child’s bedroom or playroom can trigger creativity in them as it also adds color to their space.

The smell of fresh flowers can also douse anxiety and depression! It has also been seen over time that flowers feeds compassion and encourages companionship.