See ehn, if I had my way, I’d swim everyday. Yes, I love water. I love the freedom and peace I feel when I swim. And yes, my mom calls me a duck…… That’s not too cute but she has her reasons and it has to do with my love for water.

But you know, swimming is not just all about the fun you’re having. It has lot of other benefits too.

When you go swimming, you place your body into a new and uncommon environment for it. You give it a new challenge and obtain new health benefits.

So why not try as much as you can to let go and have fun because you know you’ve these benefits to look forward to…..

1. Swimming allows you to take the strain away from your vertebral column. It is a bit like experiencing zero gravity. It is good for keeping your bones and joints healthy.

2. Swimming trains most of the muscles in your body, but you rarely feel over-strain during such a workout. You can use different swimming techniques to load up different types of muscles and relax the others.

3. It is a great cardio workout. It trains your heart, teaches you the right way to breathe. It boosts your body and your heart’s endurance.

4. Swimming can be combined with water aerobics and help you to burn fat on your buttocks or thighs more easily.

5. Swimming helps to shape your body perfectly. It massages your skin and muscles and helps to get rid of unwanted fat!

6. Swimming is a low risk of injury kind of workout. It is much safer than weight lifting or power training. It spares your joints, too. By swimming, you rarely get joint displacements. Of course, you need a safe place to train yourself and a good trainer to attain the best results.

7. Swimming produces great health results at the low load workout pace. It can be done by people, who otherwise cannot train effectively. For instance, swimming is a great type of working out for pregnant women. It is safe for them. However, they need to consult their doctor before they take the plunge.

8. Swimming boosts positive emotions and takes away stress. Water does miracles at keeping you in proper mood.

9. Swimming helps to keep your blood pressure under control. It keeps your heart healthy.

10. It keeps your respiratory tract healthy. If you live in dry or cold climate, you breathe dry air most of the time while at home or at work. Breathing fresh and moist air can improve your respiratory tract’s efficiency.