3 Classes Of Foods That Make Your Butt Bigger Naturally

Different folks… different strokes and I believe everyone should understand that. While there are girls and women outside looking to get the flat shape, there are others who want the curves and significant bumps in the “right places”.

Someone asked me on FoodsNG recently, “Are there foods that can make you have a bigger butt?” I’ve got that question more than once before. This post you are reading is borne out of that question.

Let me inform you before I proceed that I am not a woman, but with my knowledge when it comes to food and how they work coupled with my consultations with women in the field (including dietician and fitness trainers), I was able to come up with these five food that can help make your butt go bigger without all these drugs and implants. I did some research too and was able to see some testimonies that these foods work wonders.

If you are one female out there looking to increase the size of your butt, then this post will come very useful to you. These are foods that have been recommended by those who have used them with great success.

The same words of caution many women who have tried out these foods gave is “if you eat some of these foods excessively, you can grow bigger all over the body”.

Five Foods That Will Help Make Your Butt Bigger

The group of foods that will help in this regard include the protein-rich foods, complex carbohydrates, the good fats and foods and vegetables.

Examples of each food group that are particularly useful for this cause can be found on the next 2 pages of this article.

Protein Food Group;

Eggs The Trent

Below are the examples of food that are protein-rich and must be considered for a bigger buttocks;

Kidney beans
Soya nuts
Cottage cheese
Chicken breasts (skinless preferrably)
Salmon fish
Tuna fish
Complex Carbohydrates;

Easy Overnight Oats
Easy Overnight Oats
Brown bread (whole grain bread, eat moderately)
Sweet Potatoes
Brown rice
Fats and oils;

When we say fats, we only mean the “good fats”. These are fats that are really good for the body and our body need them for proper functioning. We listed some of them under the posts where we talked about he fats you need to eat in order to lose fat. You may want to check that out.

The following are sources of fats that you should take;


Olive oil,
Sunflower oil
Nuts like almonds, cashews nuts etc.
Peanut Butter
Fish Fat/Oils
Soybean oil
Finally, fruits and vegetables and we know a lot of those. These are the types of foods that testimonies have shown to set the base for growing a bigger buttocks. I also found out that out of all those people I spoke to, a large percentage of them do squat exercises. The foods and the exercises could be the factors working together to help them make it bigger.