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SingPlus Monthly top 10 covers in December

Last month, there are many new faces appeared in our Monthly Top 10 covers chart such as Nana+, Surasree Chakraborty, Felicityy as well as manna_melody. They are all good singers and their magnetic voice bring us an auditory feast! Close your eyes and feel it.
It’s the fifth top 10 covers in singplus, since the first top 10 covers chart published in August. Hope you guys can enjoy this and any advice is appreciated about how to make this chart better.
Monthly Top 10 covers Chart is a place to show off the best covers of a month. All Sing+ user can take part in this activity.

How to be list in this chart? The rules are pretty simple:
1.Sing your best karaoke song;
2.Publish and share it with all your friends;
3.Win more listens & likes.

SingPlus editor will choose the top 20 most listens & likes covers and pick out 10 covers as the Monthly top 10 covers in the early of the next month!
You are better than the list in chart but your cover is not appearing there? It doesn’t matter! Challenge them by tapping Challenge button in the chart, right top of the cover, you could be one of the top 10 winners next month!