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Fergie and Kim Kardashian Give New Meaning to the Term M.I.L.F. in the 'M.I.L.F.$' Video

M.I.L.F, according to the opening shot of Fergie's new music video for M.I.L.F. $, stands for "Moms I'd Like To Follow." And follow you will through the colorful '50s suburban fantasy world from Colin Tilley (director of Kendrick Lamar's brilliant "Alright" video), which includes such celebrity moms as, Kim Kardashian, Ciara, Chrissy Teigen, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Amber Valletta.

In the video, which will appear on Fergie's first solo album since 2006 Double Duchess, the mom crew is drinking milkshakes, bathing in milk, getting spa treatment from hunks, and even breast feeding their own human children as Teigen did.
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