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Kim Kardashian’s Taylor Swift-Kanye West Snapchat story, explained

Taylor Swift messed up big tyme.
Kim Kardashian released THE conversation between Kanye and Taylor Swift on Snapchat

On Sunday night, Kardashian posted a series of videos on Snapchat in which West, her husband, was talking to Swift on the phone about his song "Famous" — a song that Swift has labeled as offensive and derogatory. Because Snapchat is a strange beast and everything on the social media platform is temporary, here is a (hopefully more permanent) video of what Kim posted, as recorded by a Kanye West fan Twitter account:
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The internet don mara

In video as you watched, you can hear West clearly talking to Swift about his song in a really polite voice. She’s pretty cordial too.

"I really appreciate you telling me about it. That’s really nice," she says. "It’s all very tongue-in-cheek either way."

If you’re just tuning in to the ongoing drama between Swift, West, and Kardashian, the video looks like two friends chatting. To unlock the full, swirling vortex of feuds you actually have to go all the way back to the beginning of the year.

In February, Swift and West had a very public fight over lyrics he rapped in "Famous," then a new song. During West's fashion show/album drop live event at Madison Square Garden, he dropped a verse about having sex with Swift someday, because he believes he made her famous: